What makes a Pioneer?


20th February 2023

What makes a Pioneer? EYFS and KS1’s Big Bang!

We had yet more amazing visitors visit on our first day back including astronauts, inventors, scientists and environmental activists.

The children in Enchanted Forest and Neverland dressed up as inspirational people as their big bang for their term topic “What makes a pioneer?” The children also enjoyed activities such as making lanterns for Florence Nightingale, launching rockets for the astronauts’ moon landing and testing gravity for Sir Isaac Newton.


Chloe B said “I enjoyed working in groups and making the lanterns!” Noah said he came as a person who cleans up the oceans.


Kristen said he enjoyed finding out about the Apollo 5 moon landing the most exciting.


Did You Know? When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon he not only said the iconic phrase, "One small step for man..." but also said “Hipperty, hopperty!” as he skipped across the moon before tripping over.