Viking Invasion


6th November 2020

On Thursday 5th November Narnia Class was raided by Vikings!

As our big bang to start our topic on “Were the Vikings vicious and victorious?” Wolfric visited on her long ship with lots of Viking things to show us to teach us about what life was life for a Viking. Firstly, we had to row on our long ships to Lindisfarne. The children were fascinated by the weapons, spears, axes, swords and armour. Only rich Vikings had swords. Wolfric also taught the children a game called “Two Men’s Morris”. In the afternoon they looked at artefacts and had to discuss what they thought it was, it’s uses and what it was made of. Most impressive was the tool used for extracting ear wax. They had great fun playing the “What did Vikings eat” game. Did you know they did not eat orange carrots? The carrots in Viking times were white, purple or green! We can’t wait to find out more about life in the Viking times.