Pupil Well-Being

Our school # is #nurturinghearts #inspiring minds.
At the heart of this is the desire for all our children to live and experience life in all its fullness with a healthy mind and the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, worries and aspirations in a safe and caring school.
In order to learn we have to be in the best state of mind, one in which you feel positive, confident, resourceful and relaxed. Any negative feelings such as stress, self-doubt or anxiety will severely limit not only your ability to learn, but also your ability to recall the information at a later time.
We develop the mental wellness of all our pupils through our pastoral care, PHSE and PE curriculum as well as through pupil surveys, events and assesmblies througout the year.
If a child needs more support we provide some short term interventions to support children who may need that extra care. Examples of this is in the form of daily check ins with a trusted adult, lego-theraply and use of zones of regulation.
We also have staff trained as ELSAs. ELSAs are Emotional Literacy Support Assistants, teaching assistants who have had special training from educational pshchologists to support emotional development of children and yound people in school. ELSAs have professional supervision to help them in their work.
ELSAs help our pupils on a one-to-one to understand their emotional and respect the feelings of those around them. They provide time and space for pupils to think about their personal circumstances and how they manage them.
If a child needs longer term specialist support we may look at referring to CAMHS or play therapy.