Farewell to Kate Brockington


12th February 2021

When Mrs Brockington first walked into Caythorpe Primary School in late August 2016, we were greeted by an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and Assistant Head. That cheery disposition and willingness to “give it a try” are qualities that have not diminished over the past four and a half years, in fact they have only grown and continued to help the school achieve its full potential on a daily basis.

At the time Mrs Brockington and CIT arrived at the school we were in a period of transition, affected by a wholesale change of leadership, a requirement for some “in school support” and a drive by the education authorities for remote village schools to look at joining MATs (Multi Academy Trusts). The school needed strong and effective leadership, and in Mrs Brockington’s first role as a Head Teacher she soon provided exactly that. She managed to juggle learning her new role in a new school, with galvanising both the new and existing team into a cohesive and nurturing teaching unit.

Fast forward to March 2017, only six months later, and the OFSTED inspectors awarded the school a well-deserved “good” grade. Such a fantastic result could only have been achieved by the rapid implementation and the embedding of new systems and structure within the school, ensuring that the whole team joined Mrs Brockington on the journey. All this was underpinned by instilling the school’s “Golden Values” into every part of the day for pupils and staff alike.

Her desire, determination and, most importantly, a passion to create an equitable environment that encourages every student to achieve their full potential, regardless of ability, sets Mrs Brockington and Caythorpe Primary School apart from other schools. During the current Lockdown we couldn’t have asked to be led by a more caring and supportive leadership team that hopefully every family feels has the children’s and community’s best interests at heart.

Caythorpe’s loss is most certainly Linchfield Primary School’s gain. However, Mrs Brockington’s departure creates a fantastic opportunity for her successor, Mrs Helen Hunt. Although recruited during the summer of 2016, Mrs Hunt joined the school as our new Deputy Head in January 2017 and soon worked hard to form an effective senior leadership team with Mrs Brockington. Mrs Hunt had tough competition when it came to the interview process to become our new Head Teacher, but her drive, determination and exceptional interpersonal skills make her the ideal person to lead us into the next chapter.

Mrs Brockington will always be a pivotal part of the history of Caythorpe Primary School, and as her new role will also be in a CIT school, we know she won’t be a stranger, and will ensure that Mrs Hunt is well equipped to continue on our collective journey.

Please join me and my fellow Governors in wishing Mrs Brockington and Mrs Hunt the very best of luck in their respective new roles.

Simon Linforth

Chair of Caythorpe Local School Governing Body