Hogwarts Perform!


14th July 2023

This week we were treated to performances of “The Island that Rocks!” performed by pupils in Hogwarts. The production told the tale of two estranged teens (Remany and Charlie W) becoming shipwrecked on a secret island, and beginning a fun new existence with its trailblazing surfing inhabitants.


We were told their story from their diaries by Maya, George, Hayden and Charlize.


The script was full of witty one liners which the surfing team delivered making the audience laugh. Dazzling dancers and super singing made everyone want to join in the moves and the songs.


Well done to the whole of Hogwarts. Your performance truly entertained, we will be singing the songs for weeks. Thank you to Enchanted Forest for your scenery addition of sea creatures and parents for arranging children’s costumes! Another successful Caythorpe Team effort.