Subline Science Visits Caythorpe


12th March 2023

Caythorpe Primary School explode into British Science Week with a bang! 

Children at Caythorpe Primary School blasted into British Science Week with a visit from Sublime Science who travel the length and breadth of the country delivering school workshops and science parties. 

Each class had the opportunity to watch and have a go at a variety of different science experiments, including making their own slime and snow! 

Children were stunned by the magic of water disappearing inside a paper cup, amazed that it had been turned into a solid by nappy powder! They then explored making a variety of sounds by using different shapes and materials, from high-pitch squeaks through a straw to thunderstorms in a cylinder! 

Classes were mesmerised by the opportunity to juggle bubbles on their sleeves and even see a bubble in a bubble, whilst exploring smoke and bubbles of different shapes and sizes. 

After making a variety of objects fly inside, children took to the playground and braved the wet and windy conditions to send rockets of different materials across and even over the school! 

One child explained, "That was so much fun, I really enjoyed making the slime and seeing the rockets fly across the school!”

Take a look at our video of the day here: