No Pens Day Wednesday


18th October 2023

No Pens Day Wednesday!

No Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools to put down their pens and pick up their language by running a day where learning is focused around speaking and listening activities. Throughout the curriculum there is a strong emphasis on enabling children to use language to work together effectively. Through using language and hearing how others use it, children become able to describe the world, make sense of life's experiences and learn.

In Neverland, the children used tens frames and counters to improve their efficiency of making number bonds to 10. They also used the cubes to subtract numbers and worked in pairs to be the quickest team! Some children also made the phrase ‘No Pens Day 2023’ out of Lego and other construction objects.

In Narnia, children engaged in practical maths games which showed arrays for times tables. In reading they used freeze frames to represent the Sound Collector poem. The class were set a challenge to make a paper tower working as a team after looking at what makes a good attribute for team work. 

Hogwarts began the day playing a range of games to encourage confidence in public speaking, justifying their opinions and articulating their expertise about their learning this term. They then planned their writing through the use of audio recordings instead of taking notes.