Romans on the Rampage


6th November 2023

Narnia had their Big Bang experience this week to start up their new topic all about the Romans. 

We were lucky enough to have a visitor come to school and share her knowledge all about Romans. The children in Year 3 and 4 learnt all about the Roman Legion and that there were 5,000 Roman soldiers in each one. They undertook some training to become a Roman soldier and learnt how to march effectively and how to hold their shields in formation.

The children also explored lots of artefacts from the Roman period trying on outfits and helmets and playing Roman games. 

Each child created a model of a body part, which in the Roman time would contact the Gods and express any injuries or pain. 

The children found out about Boudicca and finally went on to become gladiators where they captured the animals which the gladiator would fight using nets and spears. 

All the children really loved the day and learnt lots of fabulous facts.