Vikings Raid Caythorpe


12th June 2023

Vikings Raid the School

For Narnia’s Big Bang for their topic “Were the Vikings ruthful raiders or tactful traders?” Wolfric returned to Caythorpe Primary school to lead their exciting and engaging workshop.  

The workshop started with the children getting into their Viking long boats to sail across the North Sea to raid Lindisfarne. However, many barriers got in their way. Storms, whales and damaged boats sent them back to their home lands.

The children then explored Viking weapons used in the raids and how the Vikings invaded the shores of the British Isles.    Mason said he found learning about the weapons his favourite part of the workshop.

Harriet enjoyed making Viking runes out of clay. Ruby was amazed that the Vikings did not eat potatoes! The children are very enthusiastic to start their topic and find out more about the Vikings to see if they were ruthless raiders or tactful traders!