KS2 Celebrate Everything Lincolnshire


October 2023

5th October 2023

Hogwarts and Narnia Lincolnshire Showground Visit

Our Key Stage Two children celebrated all things Lincolnshire when they attended The Lincolnshire Day School Day last week. The event aims to celebrate Lincolnshire Day. Lincoln Showground invite a variety of renowned Lincolnshire businesses to showcase all that is great about our county – from Lincolnshire’s traditions, history, culture, sport, food and business. The aim of the day is to develop knowledge and celebrate the wonderful county we live in and everything it is famous for!

The children took part in a carefully timetabled day, working in small groups across a selection of unique hands-on learning workshops led by local businesses. They rotated swiftly between activities on a half hour basis, with the opportunity to learn new skills and be guided by experts from a range of backgrounds from the county.

The children came home with their hands full with learning about wind farms, mushroom cultures, hand made leather bookmarks and flower arrangements. Inara said “ I liked the flower arranging because there was lots of different flowers, it was in the colour of the Lincolnshire flag.”

Particular highlights involved food! Sausage and pizza making. George B preferred the sausages,  “I liked making the sausages because they tasted good and it was fun.”

Freya said  “I liked the pizza making because it was fun to decorate the pizza.”

George W enjoyed learning about barn owls. “I liked the barn owl because the of how they can catch mice.”

Many Lincolnshire businesses and enterprises were also there including Lincoln city football club. Henry said “I liked the football because if you won you got real tickets to a football match.”