Mental Well Being Awareness Week


21st May 2021

As you know, this week we have been raising awareness regarding mental health. Many took the opportunity as it was "Walk to School Week", to park a little further away and enjoy the walk to school.

The children have been exploring ways we can keep mentally healthy.

In addition to the daily activities of the worry jar and the mindful meditation, Hogwarts introduced a positivity jar where, if children need a positive message, children can pick a quote to share. The children also love mindful colouring at the end of the day to wind down.

Narnia used a chapter from Varjak to act out a particular scene where some of the characters fell out. They discussed afterwards some different ways that each character could have dealt with that particular situation.

Neverland love Jump Start Johnny to wake and shake in the mornings. A change of activity can be a huge release if you have been focused on a task for a long time, or you are struggling to think of what to do next! They have also enjoyed mindful colouring and talking about their feelings.

Even Mrs Hunt enjoyed a game of hedgehogs when she visited Neverland and heard mindful music coming from the classroom as she walked down the corridor. A powerful activity is “I wish Mrs Cook knew…” Children write a message that they want Mrs Cook to know about. These can be confidential or just for a bit of fun.

Enchanted Forest tried rainbow breathing as a strategy to find inner calm. They have also enjoyed singing rhymes and songs (outside!)

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