Enchanted Forest and Neverland Visit Rand Farm


25th April 2022

Enchanted Forest and Neverland Visit Rand Farm


The children of Enchanted Forest and Neverland visited Rand Farm Park as part of their topic “How should Old McDonald look after his farm?”. Rand Farm is a working farm and so the children had the opportunity to experience “hands on” many activities which happen on a farm.


The children took part in the big animal feeding, lamb bottle feeding and chick handling. One lamb was so excited to see the Caythorpe children…. It escaped its pen! But Mr Roberts had him under control!


The children also gained an understanding of where food comes from including watching how cows are milked.


To end their visit, the children took their seats in the covered trailer for a tractor ride. to see the whole farm and animals in the fields.

There was even time to check out the play park.


Back at school these experiences will help make the learning within the classroom more meaningful for the children. Enabling them to make links to real life. They will learn about life cycles of animals within their science lessons. EYFS will learn about baby animals and compare them to their parents.