Big Bangs Making Learning Memorable


January 2024

11th January 2024

Spring Term 1 - Making Learning Memorable


At Caythorpe Primary School we make learning memorable. one of the ways we do this is to plan a "Big Bang" for the beginning of each topic.


EYFS’s Big Bang!

This term children in Enchanted Forest are learning is through the topic of dinosaurs. Today, the children were Palaeontologists! They engaged in various activities including fossil hunting, finding dinosaur eggs hidden in the outdoor classroom and even exploring dinosaur poo!


Arlo and Alice identified the diet of a dinosaur by looking at their poo. Arlo explained, “this dinosaur was a herbivore because I can see grass and seeds.”

“This one was a carnivore because I can see bones,” explained Alice 

Elsie was so pleased she found a fossil. Louie said it was his, “best day ever!”


Neverland’s Big Bang!

Neverland’s enquiry-based learning for their geography topic this term is “What makes a capital city?


The children went on a ‘trip’ to London. The children visited the landmarks, matched the names of the landmarks to pictures and then enjoyed some Afternoon High Tea food and drinks.