Active Events


12th November 2021

A team of Year 3 and 4 children attended the Tchoukball try it event at Cranwell primary school. To begin the children got to know children from other schools by practicing a passing game where they had to say their name. Jack and Tom, the CGS active coordinators leading the event, built on developing skills to enable the children to play the team game. It’s a great game. You score if your team mate catches the ball after being bounced the ball off the rebound net by a player in the same team.

Travis, Sam, Elsie and George went with Miss Binns and Mrs Locke to MAC Leisure Centre, Nocton to play New Age Curling. Sam explained and demonstrated how to send the ball down the alley and that you could score 1, 2 or 3 points if you got close to the target.

Both events developed children’s confidence and encouraged them to make new friends.