Save the Planet!


13th September 2021

Save the Planet

Every September, we welcome all the children back to school with a whole school topic. This year, as a number of the children had been concerned with plastic pollution in the seas, we chose “Save the Planet!”

Hogwarts: Hogwarts researched endangered species from around the world and how their habitats are being destroyed. They wrote some powerful pieces of writing in role as the animal talking about how their homes were being destroyed.

Narnia: In Narnia, we started the week by discussing all the things we knew about planet Earth. We decided that climate change was a huge factor in saving our planet so we thought about all the different ways we could make a small change in our lives to help. Narnia discovered the importance of protecting endangered animals and learning about the Biomes they live in. We wrote a letter addressing the people of Earth, explaining how important it is to pick up litter. To celebrate our wonderful Earth, we created an Earth mosaic and dot painting. We rounded the week off with a quiz and a pledge to do what we can to save our planet.

Neverland: Neverland became eco superheroes! With the help of the book ’10 Things I can do to help my world’ we have been finding out about ways that we can help to save the planet. We have been busy litter picking around school, had lots of fun making bird feeders and even planted some seeds so we can grow plants to help clean the air. We have also been finding out about plastic in the oceans and climate change and have discovered lots of things we can do at home because every little bit helps!

Enchanted Forest: Last week for save the planet, we made bird feeders using seeds and lard and then hung them on the trees outside. We are very fortunate and have blackberries growing in the garden, so we went out and harvested the ripe berries, washed them and shared them as a class.

We then talked about how to look after the local environment, talking about what belongs in the ocean and what doesn’t. We read the story “Somebody swallowed Stanley!” Stanley is a carrier bag in the ocean. The sea animals ate him thinking he was food and it made the turtle poorly! So, the boy at the end took him out of the water and reused the carrier bag making him into a kite!