Wellbeing Day


3rd November 2023

Wellbeing Day

 Wellbeing days are a good opportunity to bring awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing for pupils and also give them strategies for improving their well-being and ways they can look after themselves.

In Neverland, the children from across school used Lego and other building equipment to make different models. Some of them were from their own imagination and some were from challenge cards.

In Narnia, children calmed while colouring with the option of word searches and drawing. This was accompanied by calming music and a peaceful atmosphere. Milania said, ‘I really loved colouring in Narnia’s classroom!’

Isla "I enjoyed the calm element of the day and that I could really enjoy myself."

In Enchanted Forest the children had the opportunity to talk about personal strategies when dealing with stress, anxiety or worries. The children wrote them on strips of card and added them to the jellyfish which are displayed in the sensory room. 

Some of the strategies were: “I go into my safe space and count to 10, but 20 if I need to.” “I like to jump on the trampoline when I feel anxious.” “I like to listen to calming music with my headphones on.” 

In Mr Murphy’s classroom the children were taking part in a range of different board games to develop their teamwork skills, communication and resilience; all whilst having lots of fun!

Jack liked being in Enchanted Forest where he wrote words on a piece of paper for a jellyfish, which gave him ideas of how to relax. The jellyfish are displayed in the Sensory Room.

George H "We got to do some different activities which we wouldn't normally do, I thought it was fun."