Climbing High


6th February 2023

Year 6 pupils from Caythorpe Primary School took their learning to new levels as they welcomed Simon from Explorer Academy to delve into the world of mountains. 

The workshop started with a conversation and activities about mountains and ranges across the world, including an exploration into how tectonic plates pushing together over long periods of time create such incredible features of our planet. Pupils identified the weather conditions at the peaks of mountains by cracking codes after discussing the different types of mountains across the globe. 

Learning through first hand experiences is a key feature of the curriculum at Caythorpe Primary School and pupils also found themselves trying on equipment against a green screen backdrop of mountain landscapes. 

As the learning reached new heights, pupils were taken on an adventure surrounding the wildlife you find in mountains, looking at their key features before creating their own species and a fact file about them. They also looked at reasons behind people visiting mountains, other than to climb them, identifying the different sports activities that take place such as skiing and snowboarding.

As the class started their final descent towards the end of the workshop, pupils hunted for risks in the form of a word search before identifying the key rules for protecting yourself and your team in the mountains. 

The day concluded with groups working together by using a mini harness to move objects as they looked to improve their teamwork skills, understanding why working as a group is so important at altitude.

One pupil commented: "The workshop was fantastic and really helped with my learning. I would love to go and explore a mountain now!"

Another exclaimed: "Today has been so much fun. Thank you."

Mr Murphy, class teacher and Senior Leader at Caythorpe Primary School, added: "After learning about mountains this term, the children loved have the chance to ask questions and hear stories from a real-life mountain explorer. It brought the topic to life and even inspired some children to want to climb mountains themselves.”