Caythorpe supports Children in Need


19th November 2021

On Friday 19th November we showed our support for Children in Need by having a day of challenges.
The children dressed in "something spotty" and/or odd socks  for a donation of £1.
The children were split into teams and visited each class for an exciting challenge.
Neverland's challenge was building with biscuits. All teams were given a stock of biscuits in order to build the highest tower. They quizzed against teams in order to earn more biscuits to build with. Some of the creations really were ingenious!
Hogwarts glittered like stars - decorating odd socks to celebrate that everyone is different.
When Mr Knight is not teaching, he says he's fighting crime! In Narnia the children were detectives solving the puzzle set by Mr Knight.
Enchanted Forest went back to nature as they were set the challenge to build with natural materials outside in the fresh air.
Thank you to everyone who donated delicious cakes and biscuits for our morning break cake sale. We even had enough to sell after school too.