Hogwarts are Happy Campers


14th June 2023

Happy Campers

On Wednesday the Year 5 and 6 pupils returned from their residential at Camp Redwood. Camp Redwood is a unique wilderness camping experience. The children were immersed in the wonderful outdoors.


The children had a magnificent time. All of the children conducted themselves in an exemplary way and supported one another in all aspects of camp life. They camped together in large bell tents amongst the Californian Redwood trees; cooked their own meals over the campfire; toasted marshmallows; built sturdy shelters (tests showed these were not waterproof!) and much more. The children particularly enjoyed axe throwing as this was something they had never tried before.


Other activities in the day included orienteering through miles of dense forest; archery and a forest themed scavenger hunt. The children were up bright and early on their first morning eager to start the day and had a little lie in on their second morning due to being so tired! After two days, the children had fully adapted to life in the forest and were very sad to leave.