Christmas Performance


12th December 2023

The Children of Enchanted Forest (Reception) and Neverland (Year 1 and 2) performed the Christmassy story of "Tinsel." 

Once upon a Christmas time, a beautiful fir tree was planted outside a lovely house but it stood all alone in the freezing weather. Although it didn't mind the cold, it was lonely and wanted to be like the one inside the big house.

Tinsel, the three Christmas Fairies had a very special job to do. They must ensure all of the lonely Christmas trees are beautifully decorated. With the help of some festive friends and a little bit of fairy magic, Tinsel transforms the lonely fir tree into a majestic Christmas tree. Tinsel's little helpers also learn that the reason we decorate things at Christmas is because of a VERY special baby.

The children have been practising the songs and actions with Mr Roberts and Miss Cook over the last few weeks to put together a performance for all to enjoy.

Thank you to all the parents for supporting in providing costumes for the children. The performance was magical and the children sparkled on stage.