Narnia's Pyramid Adventure


8th November 2021

In Narnia, we turned back the clocks to explore some of the practices that one of the world’s earliest civilisations took part in. Our expedition through Ancient Egypt began in the tomb of the pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Howard Carter took us on a tour of Tutankhamun’s tomb and explained how he stumbled upon it in the Valley of the kings. We discovered strange symbols so we discussed different ways to communicate with each other. Then, it became clear that the Ancient Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs. The children wrote their own names and secret messages to each other using hieroglyphs.

We revisited our learning of Ancient Greek gods, discovering that the Ancient Egyptians had their own. Therefore, we created Egyptian god masks – much like the ones found in the pharaoh’s tomb.

We ended our big bang with an exciting mummy making competition. Teams went head to head to create the best mummy using their problem-solving skills.