Children Experience Indian Culture


8th December 2021

Today we were delighted to welcome Sunita back to visit us at Caythorpe Primary School.
At Caythorpe we value real life opportunities to make learning memorable as well as  providing experience of different cultures to promote respect and tolerance of other faiths, two of the British Values. Sunita visited  EYFS and KS1 to provide a workshop for their topic "How do we celebrate?"
To begin the day, Sunita thrilled the whole school with her story telling. 
Enchanted Forest and Neverland were extremely engaged in all aspects of their workshop. They created Rangoli patterns. The children learnt that throughout Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns on the floor, near the front door to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to go into their homes. The name even comes from 'rangavalli' which means colour!
The highlight of the day was Indian dancing. The children and adults dressed in Indian clothing. They were so animated after the dancing and were eager to talk about their experiences to their friends.
Sunita provided the children with such a beneficial experience for the children in developing their knowledge and understanding of the Indian and particularly Hindu culture.