Emily pays tribute to World War 2 heroes Item Title


30th November 2020

When Emily, 10, found out that her new school topic was going to be World War 2, she knew exactly who to go to for plenty of in-depth information.

Emily took it upon herself to complete extra homework and spoke to both of her Great Grandads who experienced the global war.

'I spoke to my Grandma and my Dad and they shared what they knew about my Great Grandparents’ time during the war. I also spoke to both of my Great Grandads - one is 98 and the other one is 94.'

Using an array of photos, primary sources of evidence and typed out letters, Emily created a fantastic booklet to share with her friends and family.

The detail Emily came across was quite astonishing as her relatives recalled stories of training, imprisonment, interrogation, rations, mixed messages and even being shot down!

'I enjoyed finding out different information about what happened during World War 2 whilst completing my booklet.

I am going to keep the original booklet on my bookshelf and I have printed some off for family members. We are learning about World War 2 in school this term so one copy is going on display in the classroom.'